I am a creative thinker who brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to every project.

I am a strategist; a critical thinker and problem solver; I focus on the larger picture while working to perfect the smaller details.

I am a collaborator; I believe that innovation thrives on collaboration. I live for an effective brainstorming session and the opportunity to work closely with other creatives in order to take ideas to the next level.

I am inquisitive and intuitive; I ask direct questions and truly listen to the answers given in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and prepared to attain the best possible outcome from each project.


I create impactful imagery that stimulates the mind, triggers curiosity, and conveys important messages.

Through utilizing my experience in marketing communications, brand development, editorial production, and photography, I am able to work on a broad variety of projects which establish and reinforce brand identities and key messages. I help express the stories of individuals and companies alike, and the passions that drive them.

I get to know people of all kinds; individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, designers, directors, creative-types, as well as the work they pour their hearts into ... and I collaborate with these people to develop projects that support and exceed the desired outcome.

My best assets are:

  • my creative & critical thinking
  • my ability to objectively and openly listen
  • my never-ending desire to create impactful imagery

My favorite tools are:

  • cameras (both digital and film)
  • my sketchbook
  • Pinterest mood boards
  • my brain :)


I view life as an adventure. I love working in the creative field because I get to meet countless individuals who are driven and passionate about what they do.

Their excitement is absolutely contagious.

I enjoy getting swept up in the excitement of collaborating to create something unfathomably-great, which is the reason I will forever work within the creative industry.


Whether you are a director, designer, or individual looking for a creative consultant or project manager; whether you are seeking a photographer for an upcoming photo shoot; a fellow photographer seeking a second shooter; or another creator looking to talk-shop…

Reach out: catlin.a.williams[at]gmail[dot]com

I look forward to creatively connecting. The possibilities are endless.