FILMMAKER @ MAKE films. photographer. VISUAL ARTIST. 

I am a creative thinker who brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to every project.

I am a strategist; a critical thinker and problem solver; I focus on the larger picture while working to perfect the smaller details.

I am a collaborator; I believe that innovation thrives on collaboration. I live for an effective brainstorming session and the opportunity to work closely with other creatives in order to take ideas to the next level.

I am inquisitive and intuitive; I ask direct questions and truly listen to the answers given in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and prepared to attain the best possible outcome from each project.


I create impactful media that stimulates the mind, triggers curiosity, and conveys important messages.

Through utilizing my experience in marketing communications, commercial photography, brand development and editorial production, I help communicate the stories of individuals and companies alike, and the passions that drive them.


For filmmaking inquiries visit MAKE films and reach me at catlin[at]makefilms[dot]cc

For photography or other creative inquiries reach out at catlin.a.williams[at]gmail[dot]com

I look forward to creatively connecting. The possibilities are endless.