As true as the magnet on the toolbox reads... the founders of make717 harnessed their skills and passions to create Lancaster City, Pennsylvania's first maker's space, entirely from the ground-up.

And what is a maker's space? It is a place for hobbyists, budding professionals, and retirees to meet, collaborate, and educate each other in a fun, informal setting. Membership to the organization includes access to the make717 Innovation Center, a wide variety of tools and equipment, and most importantly its members to collaborate and share their expertise in each of their respective trades. make717 focuses on engineering, mechanics, science, technology and art.

I had the pleasure of getting to know make717's inspired founders and exploring their newly established site in the spring of 2015 while interviewing and photographing for Inside Lancaster. Here are some of the outtakes from our visit.

All Photographs taken for Inside Lancaster, Vol. 1; produced by Digital Storm Publishing (a division of Alpha Dog Advertising)